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AMAZON Seller Affiliated Program

We are proud to be selected as the coveted Amazon Seller Affiliated Program. Started over two decades back, the track record and the growth potential of Amazon Associates are truly enviable.

The dream project of Jeffrey Preston Bezos who is the richest man on earth, Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping retailer. The retailers can cut across the usual hurdles and earn referral fees whenever a deal is stuck on the e-commerce platform.

Ahead starts with Amazon.

We, Ekrocx consultants are excited to be part of Amazon’s journey of transparent marketing in India.

As the internet users are on steady growth 30% plus and running to 500 million and counting the SMEs in India can look up for a future. The Amazon and Eckrox partnership are bound to create history. We would encourage you to be the part of this online selling revolution through us.

Irresistible business proposal

Generating seller demand for Amazon services is an alluring business proposal waiting for you. Tailor-made solutions are available to you to make a killing on the web selling. You can be associated with us in the prestigious

  • Amazon Banner advertisements,
  • Product reviews to enhance the product links,
  • Build a healthy relationship with customers.
  • Daily track reports are available.
  • Programs are cut out to suit individual organizations.
  • Catered to suit the geographical segments
  • Digital Marketing strategy & implementation
  • Create effective lead generation.
  • Improving sales processes.
  • Better ROI for the organization.
  • Plan, organize, coordinate and run digital marketing campaigns through rational decisions.
  • Effective lead generation and
  • Customer Acquisition.

Welcome on board

Yes, the proven business model of Amazon is open to you through us, the official seller affiliates.

Have you noticed the arrow touching A and Z of Amazon Logo? Yes, that shows that Amazon is handling all products A to Z. A business with astronomical growth embedded in that logo-books, electronics, music, phones, gadgets…. just to name a few.

Welcome on board to the first and foremost successful alleviate program in the world called Amazon, through us. We will assist you to explore the zealous marketer in you-right by selecting a catchy name, registering, categorize, linking, hosting and of course redefining.

Amazon Affiliate Program is the best way to convert your Blog to make money online in a big way.


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